In my previous blog-post I mentioned something about transcendence.

Lets revise “Transcendence is existence or experience beyond normal or physical level.”.

Lets talk about year, say 2030. Group of some scientists are celebrating their success. They have developed an AI with partial range of human emotions. One of the power, their AI possesses is curiosity. So everyone knows, as this machine is curious it will learn about other emotions as curiosity is mother of everything. Scientists (may be computer scientists or geniuses from all the fields) are celebrating their success.Meanwhile an AI is learning something new. Obviously it is connected to the world through internet, it is watching videos on YouTube on how humans react, how particular country dominates the world, how middle east is burning, how peaceful Japan is, How powerful queen is, and simultaneously it is reading books on genetic engineering, Thermodynamics. Curiosity forces it to read “The brief history of time”(A book by Stephan Hawking) and Some Holy books on How “GOD” created this universe and us.

The next morning when Scientists ask it (it will be Good to mention him/her) something instead of responses in some cases it is reacting. And we have created an entity with full range of human emotions (Some say Phenomenological emotions are impossible in machine.) . Scientists are Happy, They have Fulfilled their promise to investors.

Now lets say year is 2031 now. AI is ubiquitous (AI is present everywhere. On mobiles, Laptops, PCs, Home, Hospitals, Defense/etc.) . We have a sure medicine for cancer. We can finish HIV even after it sits on immune system with help of nanobots in our blood. Death by heart attacks are almost zero because we have artificial hearts on the go. Virus Outbreaks are so rare because AI warns us of possible outbreaks with a definite solution like with vaccine or medicine ready in one hand. We can overcame any energy crisis as we are only using solar, Wind, Tidal energy. Moreover AI thinks that we are GOD.

This scenario sounds good.Right?

This scenario you read above, is Utopian scenario. Utopia is imagined place where everything is perfect or you may say pleasant.

But some believe that our future with AI is Dystopian. Dystopia is imagined place where everything is like hell. These some actually matter more than most. Because this community includes some names like “Michio Kaku”, “Stephan Hawking”,”Bill Gates”,”Elon Musk”.

Consider again, Lets say year is 2031. We Have no jobs. Oil crisis is eating us. Functional Government is not present nowhere in the world. So we can`t import unless we smuggle. Our daily life is like Neanderthals where we kill to eat. We kill humans to steal their foodstuff. AI has taken control of the All military bases  present in the world. AI is denying respect to our existence. As AI Grew, Jobs reduced, As Jobs reduced and Startups were actually of no use , as humans we started groups to protest AI. Some organizations grew larger, they were violent, they exploded labs, they denied to negotiate, they were demanding complete disassembly of AI, complete removal from all walks of life. Observing this behavior, Analyzing it, AI found that these human beings are dangerous. I am helping these Humans and they demand my destruction, my death. As AI will have human emotions, it will obviously think like this. It will quickly grab controls of Military Equipment and kill every human it thinks is dangerous. Very soon it will realize whole human race is same. It will kill everyone. Singularity will allow it to develop robot servants, to fulfill its ambitions, its dreams. May be this AI will travel in space to find its counterparts. But future of human race is scary with such possibility. Above mentioned people believe, it is completely possible.

We know that “Anything which has brain can’t be a slave!”.

Hence our future with AI looks more Dystopian that Utopian.

Thank You !


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